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Mindfulness coloring book


I was hired by Xparenting, a non-profit organization, to design their mindfulness coloring book.  I was to create ten illustrations for a manifesto coloring book created for parenting children with trauma-based special needs.  The book includes ten manifestos for the parents to go over and learn from with their children, along with ten colorable illustrations for the kids and parents to complete together.  The illustrations were to be mandala based, meaning circular patterned pieces, yet each one was to be different from all the others.  I used Adobe Illustrator for this project and planned a unique design for each illustration, finding inspiration from the words of the manifesto that is attached to each mandala.  My client had a strict time frame to follow for this project, and so I had one month to complete all ten illustrations, and was consistent in meeting weekly deadlines throughout the entire process.  The final prints of the books have been released and are
available for purchase at

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