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This work is very personal to me. Through singular portraits, it reflects the journey of the coming out process that nearly all LGBTQ+ individuals face when coming to terms with who they are. Beginning with denial and feeling wrong within society, to slowly coming to terms with ourselves, to starting to accept and recognize we’re not alone, to finally feeling a sense of pride and ownership of who we are. This is the journey we face. A shared experience many don’t know we’ve had. The world outside of us doesn’t see what we’ve been through in order to accept ourselves. We want society to change its perspective. We want you to see us.

See Us was exhibited at the Southern Utah Museum of Arts in Cedar City, UT in the Spring of 2021. The dimensions of the piece are 6x6x8 ft, and the perspective of the viewer determines what is being seen. It has 4 “sides” and involves 4 portraits that change in front of the viewers eyes as they walk around the piece.

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