Hi, hello. My name is Rian Kasner, and I am a professional queer muralist who develops clean, sharp, epic creations on walls nationwide. I have been doing this since 2019, utilizing a combination of original photography and graphic design within my craft to develop eye-catching and enticing larger-than-life works of art. I’ve been a creator for as long as I can remember, and fell into the world of graphic design during my college years. As a designer, I am well versed in communication and fulfilling client needs within creative tasks. I contemplate the psychology of human interaction within art when developing my work both digitally and physically. I am fascinated and intrigued by how different aspects of art affect people, making me passionate about even the most minute details of design. I bring a piece of myself into everything that I make, and challenge what is expected in all aspects of my life.

I travel to mural sites as needed and work virtually on other digital tasks. I am available for select projects and can be contacted at

Reach out, let’s connect.