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Spaces between

This is a current work in progress. The Spaces Between project takes the negative space between letters in words that are relevant to my being, and recreates new abstract art out of them. I have been contemplating a lot of the spaces I lived in-between throughout my life: between athlete and booknerd, between skilled but not exceptional, between intelligence and ignorance, between man and woman, between stable and reckless, between playing it safe and taking a risk, between society and the wild, between he and she, between peaceful and unfulfilled, between being in love and being alone, between spirituality and agnosticism, between wanting to go home and not wanting a home, between confidence and embarrassment, between caring too much and not caring at all, between purpose and nihilism, between fearless and scared, between discipline and decadence. I am always finding myself between it all, but not able to identify what that in between state truly is. This project visually explores it.

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