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darling, you are a work of art

Did you know the chances of you even existing are basically zero? Do you realize how many things had to line up perfectly for YOU to exist? Darling, you are a work of art. No matter your race, your sexuality, your class, where you’re from, who your parents are, your limitations, your abilities, who YOU are; your mere existence is an original work of art. That is something worth celebrating. Something worth enjoying. Something worth being excited about. Something worth dancing about! Life is colorful, beautiful, messy, unique, crazy, and incredible. And so are you. I urge you to please remember that you are a work of art.


This piece was designed for the community to be involved and was exhibited at the Salt Lake City Mural Fest in 2022. I wanted viewers to be inspired, happy, excited, and interact with this mural. I used it as an outlet to speak to the members of the community to make them think about how they are a work of art in this world. I conducted a video interview project where I asked participants “What do you love about yourself that makes you a work of art?”

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