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the gender project

This is a photographic series that I am currently working on that touches on gender expression and gender identity. Our society gets stuck putting people into these two boxes: masculine, feminine; man, woman. Rarely does our culture accept anything that blends the idea of these two binaries together. This project is meant to be a display of those who do not fit into these boxes that our society has for us. It’s meant to show the beauty of humanity, and how we should be free to express ourselves however we choose without the judgement of those around us. It’s meant to show the beauty of individuality and make people aware that the boxes are not all that there is. American culture want’s everything to be black and white, however life has so many grey aspects to it. When we see an individual, we want to put them into these boxes, and if they’re “different” or “weird,” we feel like we need to figure out what box they can fit into. We seem to care more about what is between someone’s legs rather than, what is between their ears. When these pictures are viewed, I want you to see the beauty of the human within them first, rather than their sex. I want to distort this idea of what has to be masculine, male, vs feminine, female. These can intertwine or they can cease to exist in an individual at all. This project is an acknowledgement that these binaries are just social constructs, and we are all humans just trying to exist on this planet together.

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