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Located in Cedar City, Utah, Bristlecone intertwines the towns diverse community in a beautiful, inclusive environment filled with delicious coffee, transcendental yoga, and profound connections. The business is named after the longest living organism in the world, with the intention to represent resilience, strong roots, beautiful imperfections, and peace. Bristlecone’s founders, Chelsee Robinson and Jo Stevens, strive to create an environment where all walks of life are welcome and included.

With such a stunning interior, it was important to them to have an exterior that heightens the look of their building, as well as cleanly displays their eye-catching logo. I was hired to paint Bristlecone’s existing branding on their new building cleanly and precisely with a focus on accuracy and proportion. Since their opening, you can typically find me somewhere inside enjoying a nice hot Bianca coffee.

Interested in learning more about Bristlecone? Check out their website at

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