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This piece of work is meant to portray a visual representation of how women close a part of themselves off from society.  Women tend to try to fit this image that societal norms have continuously expected them to have.  They tend to only show what they want others to see, hence why half of the body of each model disappears and is hidden; and what they do allow others to see is dressed up, usually with make-up and attire that strives to meet the beauty standards that are constantly glorified throughout society.  These boxes have been created for women to fit into in order to be considered “pretty” or “normal,” however, the individuals  are the ones who decide to put themselves into these boxes, in fear of being judged or out-casted, which is why the models are each holding the frames that they are stuck inside of.  The settings that each of the models are in, are lonesome, isolated areas that have no trace of other humans or has been abandoned by others.  This represents how woman feel alone in needing to reach these expectations.  They feel like they’re the only ones that aren’t naturally where society expects them to be, however, women from all sorts of places, in all different shapes and sizes, feel the pressure of societal expectations, and hide their true and whole selves from the world in fear.  It is something that women everywhere struggle with, especially with the propaganda and media that is consistently shown and advertised every single day with the flawless, photo-shopped models.  Women are stuck in these boxes that they believe they need to put themselves in, and are afraid to be themselves, so they do what they can and hide what they need in order to fit the outrageous standards.

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