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LongboarD contest


I entered an online longboard design contest run through a company called Concrete Coast, and they required designers to create a piece for a dropthrough board that followed a particular theme.  I was to design the bottom of a longboard that displayed a winter theme.  The company encouraged the designers to pull inspiration from what we loved most about winter.  My final design ended up incorporating my love of the mountain in the winter, along with how beautiful the night sky is during that time of year.  I wanted to abstractly display this, but also wanted to choose a color scheme that would appeal to skaters.  I also wanted the Concrete Coast logo to be a part of the design as it is their company selling the boards.  I titled my piece “Winter Nights” and was able to present the type of design they were looking for because I ended up winning the contest against nine other entries.  For a limited time, my design was sold by their company and promoted to their customers.

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